Health Eye Care Electrical Magnetic Alleviate Fatigue Relax Massager Protector

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Health Eye Care Electrical Magnetic Alleviate Fatigue Relax Massager



  1. 5 different modes-Vitality mode (air pressure + vibration + music), Automatic mode (air pressure + hot compress + vibration + music), light mode (warm compress + music), sleep mode (pressure), Dynamic mode (vibration + music) hot compression temperature of 38 degrees Celsius ~ 42 degrees Celsius. Note: mobile phone scan two-dimensional code, download app, connect Bluetooth, enjoy music.
  2. Double air bag-smart double air bag, circulating gas circulation, massage person massage.
  3. 180 ° folding wireless, to get rid of cable problems, reduce spatial footprint, easy to carry.
  4. Humanized design, PU material, The headband can be adjusted according to the head circumference, a simpler key operation.
  5. Automatic synchronization-15 minutes automatic timer off.

How to use:

  1. The length presses 3 seconds to open the key to enter the automatic massage mode.
  2. Keep pressing for the key substitution mode. (Vigor Mode → Clear Mode → Dynamic Mode → Sleep Mode → Automatic Mode)
  3. Press the key to turn off the music twice in a row.
  4. Long press 3 seconds to open the critical closing instrument.





  • Automatic time: 15 minutes
  • Power mode: charge
  • Nominal power: 3.4 W
  • Power adapter: AC100v-240v DC5v


  • If you have contact lenses, remove contact lenses before using the product;
  • When the mask has stolen goods or foreign bodies, please use wet Bushi to clean them before using them, so that they do not get confused in the eyes;
  • The loading process does not support the boot job;
  • Please do not use eye massager in high temperature and moist place.

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