Multi-Function Tension Rope Pedal Exerciser Rope Pull Bands Sit-up 4 Tube

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Footing flat on the fixed footrest, holding the handle.

 With the tube it is flexible do sit-ups. It can consume twice calories than usual sit-ups.

Shoulder Exercise

Standing still and footing on the footrest, hold on the handle firmly pull up and down.

Recommendation 15 times each, repeat 2-3 group. It can prevent scapulohumeral periarthritis, increasing the flexibility of the shoulder.

Hand Exercises :

Siting on the chair and footing on the footrest, keep in 90 angle, pull around the tube.

Palms hold up the pull-implement can exercises the arm's inside muscles.

Leg Exercise :

Lying on the yoga mat, holding on the handle and footing on the footrest. Legs bent in 90 angle and force forward.



Recommendation 15 times each. It can effectively exercise and strength the waist and thigh muscle.



Material: natural rubber, foam

Size: 52*28cm(extensible 120cm approx.)

Package Included:

1x Resistance Band

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