1080P HD Mini-Remote Surveillance Camera

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Get live surveillance of your home 24/7.

We always leave a portion of ourselves at home every time we go out. The hope that nothing bad happens at home and the worrying will always be there. It’s a good thing that the advancement in technology has lead to the discovery of surveillance cameras.



If you want to get updated on the happenings in your household, use this 1080P HD Mini-Remote Surveillance Camera. It’s literally a small yet incredibly useful device. No more worrying about the family members or valuables that you left at home. You get to check on them through live surveillance anytime, anywhere.

Be updated 24/7, all you need is to download and connect the right app. This directly connects you to the surveillance camera and gives you access from the camera’s POV. This does not only work for people who leave their houses for work, school, or errands, it also works for families with kids. This device provides relief to parents as they can watch their kids from other rooms in the house.



Modernly built with a mini-sized HD camera with a 150° wide-angle view to ensure clear and maximum view. The camera also features a super clear night vision. It’s equipped with small infrared lights that enable it to capture a clear view even in the dark. Unlike other surveillance cameras, the infrared lights from this one are hidden, they don’t flash visible red lights in the dark.

This high-tech camera also has motion detection capabilities. With advanced technology, it has a built-in sensor that detects movement and pushes a notification with images. These notifications are then sent to your mobile device through the app you connected.



It features an amazing two-way audio option. With a built-in microphone and speaker, you can send voice messages from your mobile device to the camera, or vice versa. How convenient?!

This camera is compact, you can keep it hidden anywhere. It’s super easy to install too. With the magnet attached to it, you can stick it onto metal and iron surfaces in your home, car, office, and others. The package also comes with a mount that allows you to put the camera elsewhere, like walls, ceilings, and the like.




    • Material: ABS Plastic & others
    • Resolution: 1080P
    • Frame Number: 50 fps
    • Video Compression Standard: H.264
    • Audio Compression Standard: G.711a
    • 【Motion detective, remote alarm with small body for pet and baby care】This Smart Network HD Video Camera detects movement and sound, records and sends alarm notifications while you are out. It can be hooked up anywhere you want without drilling holes in walls. When you want to change camera location device is easy to move and reinstall. Keep a close eye on your children whichever room they’re in, or watch your pet closely to find out if they’ve been behaving well.
    • 【Personal hotspot connects your phone and camera without WIFI】Even there is no WIFI, camera device connects to your personal hotspot automatically when you are near the camera, video recording won't be cut off. When you first connected with WIFI with the camera, please follow the user manual to use the AP to connect the app first, and then change to WIFI connection.
    • 【Multiple device and cloud storage support】The related app can be installed on your phone, computer or tablet, for you to check on one of them whenever you want. In addition, recorded video stored on the TF card can uploaded and saved to optimized cloud storage.
    • 【Night vision, burglar prevention】Smart camera with night vision. Automatically switches to night-vision mode in low light when night falls. Equipped with built-in microphone and speaker, with remote speech and listening functions enabled whenever you need. Burglars will think twice before entering.

    This camera can be hooked up at anywhere you want without digging a hole on the wall. You can monitor your pet or baby on your mobile phone anytime when you are outside. Check below Q&A for more details. Or email to customer support which is in online user guide for installation.

    Q: What app is used for this camera?
    A: You can search “V380” or “V380 Pro” in apple store or google play. 

    Q: Any audio recording available? Does it record 24/7?
    A: Yes, the camera will automatically record audio when you set it up to record video. You can choose to record 24/7 or just record when there are alarms, such as motion or sound happened

    Q: What’s the max storage for the SD card? How long it can be continuous recording with the max storage SD card?
    A: This camera can support the max 64GB SD card. And if you record 24/7, it will record around 45 days or even longer

    Q: Will this camera record to SD card if the WIFI is cut off?
    A: Yes, it will continue to record to SD card. And the camera will connect with your personal hotspot automatically if your phone is near your camera. You can’t view live on your mobile if WIFI does not work when you are far away from the camera. But you can check the re-play if the WIFI is recovered

    Q: Does it automatically record over old footage, does it have loop recording function or I have to format the SD card every time when the hard drive gets full?
    A: You don’t need to delete manually when the storage is full. It has loop recording function and will cover the old videos with the latest new one

    Q: What volts is this?
    A: The lowest volt is 110V. The highest volt is 220V

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