Mini HiFi Earphone Headphone Amplifier Portable AMP 3.5mm with Audio USB Cable

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This Bluetooth audio receiver can be connected to non-Bluetooth car audio systems,home stereos,wired speaker and headphones via 3.5mm Aux cable.


  • HiFi Headphone Amplifier  - The 5.0HIFI has ultra-high stereo sound quality, system optimized design, high-quality music Bluetooth audio receiver chip with CVC8.0 noise reduction function, with a collar clip, easy to carry around, fully filter noise, enjoy high-quality audio.
  • Better signal input - Bluetooth receiver introduces Bluetooth 5.0 version, the connection speed is faster, the transmission signal is stable, the comprehensive experience is more worry-free, and the technology makes your traditional speakers have high-quality sound and stable transmission. And reached a maximum distance of 30 feet (10m) indoor/outdoor, so you don't need to worry about the distance.
  • Two-stage Gain Switch and a Bass Boost  Enhance the signal input to the amplifier circuit to achieve the best performance of the headset. Through the bass and noise reduction mode switch, it provides a more delicate and soft bass performance, bringing you a more shocking and more realistic stereo music experience.
  • Broad Compatibility Plug the 3.5mm audio connector of the wireless music adapter into the 3.5mm interface, and it can be used to connect mobile phones/computers/tablets/ Electric time / car audio / home audio system, etc.Support major Bluetooth modes such as MP3/MAV/WMA/APE/FIAC/Micro SD card port.
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery The built-in Bluetooth receiver has a 150mAh battery, which can be fully charged in only 2.5 hours, and can provide continuous working time for more than 6 hours. We can provide continuous working time of more than 6 hours. We provide a 12-hour response service. No battery is required.


  1. Bluetooth version:BT 5.0+EDR
  2. Bluetooth specifications:A2DP/HSP/HFP/AVCP
  3. Battery:205mAh+45mA
  4. Working time:About 10 hours
  5. Charging time:about 2 hours
  6. Working voltage:3.7V
  7. Power max:50mW
  8. Interfacce:3.5mm Aux+micro usb for charging
  9. Lower power reminder:When the voltage below 3.3v,will remind every 5 seconds.When the voltage below 3.1v,will shutdown
  10. Support bass mode,press the "Bass"key to open this mode
  11. Support noise reduction ,press the"Gain"key
  12. Support TF/Micro SD play,insert the card,the adapter will change to card play mode,pull out the card will be Bluetooth mode
  13. Support hands-free,built-in microphone and press the power key to answer the call


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