Swimming dry bag Underwater Water Proof mobile phone case bag pouch cover

Why buy?
Waterproof Case with Super Sealability Technology, CellPhone Dry Bag Pouch with Sensitive PVC Touch Screen for Cellphone up to 6.5"

Do u want to enjoy your time in the water?

Do you want to protect your phone from its biggest enemy 'WATER'?

Do you want to take some cool pictures of underwater/pool beach on your entertainment time?

Here is the water proof mobile phone case pouch giving you the solution.

  • Double Insurance Lock: double insurance design two-step unlocking to make our waterproof phone case more reliable.
  • SENSITIVE SCREEN-TOUCH: The crystal clear windows on both sides are made of super thin 0.15mm material for sensitive touch and response, allowing you perfectly unlock the Home Button of iPhone 
  • INNOVATIVE AND CONVENIENT DESIGN: Thanks to the snap and lock mechanism, universal waterproof cover creates a secure seal around your device and is completely waterproof, dirt proof, and dustproof while maintaining its touchscreen functionality.
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL WITH PORTABLE DESIGN: Made of premium transparent PVC, the clear waterproof pouch allows keeps the original beauty of your phone. Exquisite design with a detachable lanyard for hanging around neck freely.
  • Multipurpose: It can also keep out water, dust, snow, dirt and sand; it is good for indoor and outdoor activities.

The user must first perform a waterproof test before use.

Test Methods:

  1. Put a dry tissue in the bag, completely close the bag
  2. Put the bag into the water of 20cm depth or more and put a certain weight on the bag to avoid floating.
  3. Take it out after 30 minutes.
  4. Dry the bag before opening the bag. 
  5. Check the tissue, do not use this product if the tissue is obviously wet.

For poor waterproof products, we refund free of charge.

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