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Q: What is HID?

A: HID (High Intensity Discharge) refers to lighting technology that relies on an electrical charge to ignite xenon gas contained in a sealed bulb. A normal halogen bulb uses a filament which can burn out in as little as 200 hours. HID bulbs are gas filled capsules that are rated for a lifespan of nearly 4500 hours. HID bulbs also shine much brighter due to this technology.
Unlike halogen bulbs, HID's emit a type of light that closely resembles natural daylight and is therefore easier on human eyes. In fact, HID lights are currently used in most sports arenas, stadiums, and train stations worldwide.

HID Advantages:
Saves Power: HID Xenon lights consume only 35W of electricity making them over 3 times more efficient than traditional halogen bulbs.
Longer Life: The HID Kit lasts over 4,500 hours over 8 times more than OEM halogen bulbs.
Safety : HID Xenon bulbs have an increased brightness of 300% (over traditional halogen bulbs) adding an extra margin of safety.
Appearance : the HID Kit produces comfortable light which is very close to the natural light emitted by the sun. It makes everything easier to see at night.

Q: Can ballast be used on the Car and Motorcycle?

A: Generally, as long as your lamp is a HID lamp, then the ballast can be generic.


Q: Why do my bulbs flicker?

A: Loose Bulb: the simplest cause of a flickering light bulb could be a loose bulb in the socket of the light fixture;

    Faulty switch or connection:the switch of the fixture will wear out;

    Voltage Fluctuation: For Cars with Driving Computer such as Audi, BMW, Jaguar, their Vehicle Manufacturers use what is known as the CANBUS or controller area network system that monitors the lights on your vehicle.When replace your original bulbs with HID bulbs or LED bulbs,this situation may happen.This can easily be corrected by adding a set of warning cancelers (capacitors) to your setup.