Anti-UV Mini Capsule Umbrella

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Have you always wanted a lightweight umbrella that takes up no space? You'll love this Capsule Umbrella compact enough to fit into any bag! When folded, it's as small as the size of your phone. Reinforced with strong fiberglass ribs, it can stand up against very strong winds and rain. Also, it blocks harmful UV rays and reduces the risk of sunburns and skin cancer. Carry it everywhere with you and never get soaked from an unexpected shower again!


Main Features:

  • Dual purpose umbrella, design for rainy and sunny days
  • Size and weight of your cell phone after folding, saves a lot of space, fits into small purses
  • UV coating blocks 99% of UV light, protects your skin, significantly lowers the risk of skin-related diseases
  • Very firm and durable alloy stand and fiberglass ribs, can withstand strong winds, heavy rain, and thunderstorms
  • Stylish design, portable, compact, lightweight, durable, convenient
  • Made from Vinyl Rubber, Rubber, Alloy, Fiber, and Cloth
  • Comes with waterproof capsule shell that can prevent umbrella water leaking into your bag
  • Available in Blue
  • Perfect travel companion for adults and children
  • Thoughtful and sweet gift for girlfriends, kids, the elderly, and anyone who travels a lot


Caution: Keep away from open flame



Product Size:Capsule: Length: 19cm/7.5inch, width: 6cm/2.4oz, height: 6cm/2.4oz
Umbrella: 90x90cm/35.5x35.5inch(lw)

Product Weight:259g/9.14oz

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