Eco-Aquarium Water Purifier Cube Water Clean Filter Activated Carbon Tool Block

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Maintaining a safe water habitat for the pet fish is now easier with this Aquarium Water Eco-purifier Cube! It works for all types of aquariums; freshwater and marine. With ultra-strong filtration and absorption abilities, it rapidly removes water coloration, odors, toxic pollutants (e.g. insecticides and chemicals), and medication that are bad for your pet fishes.

The purifier is made of ultra-absorbent, activated carbon further packed in a honeycombed structure full of micro tunnels. The highly porous material has a large surface area and effectively adsorb toxic pollutants from the water. The purifier works 24/7. It works by its physical cleaning properties. It does not require power nor relies on harmful chemicals.


The Nano Water Purifier Cube uses special materials to undergo nano-refinement and reorganization, with high-efficiency adsorption factors such as silver ions to the surface of the material.

Through the mesh structure, the adsorption and filtration effect is greatly improved, the water quality is quickly and effectively purified, and the clear and healthy water quality is maintained.

The aquarium filter water cube is made of activated carbon, dense grid hole structure.

It can absorb 99% of harmful bacteria in the aquarium, as well as odor.

It can effectively reduce the nitrate bacteria in the aquarium and adjust the PH value.

It can also absorb the organic waste in the aquarium.

Change or clean every 3 or 6 months, save to your energy and time.

Great filtration material, it has strong adsorption and can be used repeatedly.


Size: approx. 10x10x10cm

Colour: Black

Material: Activated Carbon

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