LED Galaxy Starry Night Light Baby Room Lamp Gift Projector Ocean Star Sky Party

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The Galaxy Light Projector is a laser projector which transforms your room instantly and provides a galactic experience by projecting a sea of drifting stars against a floating nebula cloud. The Galaxy360Pro™ Projector is powered by USB cable and works with a wall charger or power bank.

Design your galaxy with up to 10 colors available. Mix and match the RGB colors (Red, Green, Blue, White) to achieve the multi-colors (Purple, Pink, Teal, Emerald, Yellow, Navy Blue). Conveniently switch between 21 projection modes with the remote control.

Listen to your choice of music with the built-in Bluetooth Speaker while immersing yourself in a sea of drifting stars and cloud when you sleep at night.

Create your own ambience
 with the latest sound-activated mode which enables the colors and patterns to change with the beat of the music. The sound-activated mode is designed to adapt to any mood or occasion, whether it's a 
celebratory night with your friends and families or a cosy night with your loved ones.

Set a timer (1h/2h/4h) to power off automatically when not in use.

Color: Green star light + Ocean wave(red,green,blue,white)
Power input: USB 5V 2A
Operating Temperature: 0°C - 40°C
Projection Coverage: 15 - 50㎡ (161-538 sq.ft)
Project realistic star night light, it's rotatable, the gorgeous pattern & colors on the ceiling and wall are really cool to watch,
lighting up your dark room into a underwater or a coloful heaven, it's great for kids who has trouble falling asleep in the quiet, darkness bedroom to keep the"monsters"away.
You can also adjust the brightness, the lowest setting is dim enough for parent to sleep with yet bright enough that the baby doesn't freak out in the dark.

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